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“In Concert” with Michael Nesmith (Ferndale, MI 4/7/2013)

photo(3)Ok, it’s time for a wonderful head scratcher of a puzzle. Which of the following should count as the best concert of my life?

A: Sitting in the second row center, holding the love of my life’s hand while one of “our songs” is played by a man I intended to marry when I was ten, and who then played a request in honor of a dearly departed friend;

B: sitting in the 4th row between two of the best friends I have ever had, listening to the group that brought us together (all of whom I intended to marry when I was ten) play a show that I had dreamed of since before puberty while simultaneously knowing it was all but impossible; or

C: standing 10 feet tops from one of the top 5 artistic influences of my late teens and early 20s (who I, yes, intended to marry when I was ten but the aesthetic relationship deepened substantially the year I read the early Neftoon Zamora drafts and Martin Heidegger simultaneously) as he gave one of the most beautiful concerts/storytelling sessions it has ever been my privilege to witness?

The answer is…

D: Never mind. That alleged story problem suddenly strikes me as more of a weird Fandom Koan anyway. What I AM gonna do is share my impressions of concert C (as well as my blurry iphone pics of the same), which will hopefully be a little more coherent than my moderately stunned reflection on Concert A, and more, er, concise than the Proustian geeksquee review of Concert B. (I have always wanted to use the phrase “Proustian geeksquee” in a sentence but never realized it until this moment…)

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Reviewing The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (or, Why I love Martin Freeman)

martin-freeman-the-hobbit-an-unexpected-journey-posterSo, I know I’m a week or two behind the times, but I just got home from seeing The Hobbit this evening (Friday 12/28). Good Flick, faithful to the book in spirit if not always to the letter (though I’m not a hard-core authenticity fundamentalist when it comes to Tolkien) and a very enjoyable afternoon at the movies. However, aside from ogling Aidan Turner as Kili (he makes a hotter dwarf than a vampire, believe it or not) and Richard Armitage as Thorin Oakenshield, my attention was on our shortest hero, Martin Freeman as Bilbo. Continue reading


My Favorite Podcasts: Never Gets Old and Nerdist (Part 1 of 2)

My Favorite PodcastsI run hot and cold on podcasts. I go through phases where I subscribe to a dozen of them for my commutes and repetitive work tasks, and other times where I don’t listen at all, opting instead for music or good ol’ NPR. I’m not sure if it’s burnout from both news (increasingly depressing/infuriating) and my playlists (repetitive, but I lack time to take on new artists), but right now I’m very into podcasts. There are four that I’m listening to pretty regularly at the moment, and I highly recommend them to anyone with an interest. I’ll cover two of them today, and the other two on Thursday. Continue reading


“But what you have seen you must believe…”(The Monkees, November 17, 2012)



Fair warning, this baby’s about 3000 words. If you want something more succinct and less subjective, I heartily recommend Dave Swanson’s review for Ultimate Classic Rock, which utterly nails the vibe of the evening. If you’re up for a longer, stranger trip, click onward. That said, I think I need to back up a bit first for my bias disclaimer. Not much though, just 15 years. 😉

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Reviewing Through Fandom Lenses: Remember

Hey y’all, I’ve been meaning to post this for the last couple weeks, but it got bumped by my Raj Rant and, well, real life. Better late than never, I suppose!

And before I get started on discussing Remember, the new album from by Micky Dolenz, a word about how I evaluate music in general. The first thing you need to know is that first and foremost I’m a writer. Not a terribly good writer, mind you, but a writer nonetheless. Therefore, most of my focus when reviewing an album like this is on the lyrics and delivery of same. I enjoy music, have reasonably diverse tastes, and am fairly well-educated for a non-musician. That said, the umpteen years of choir, 4 years of school band and 3 years of piano lessons notwithstanding, I am NOT a musician. My keyboard prodigy brother Daniel would probably have a completely different take on this album.This is just Camille’s take at this point in time, and if it goes well I may take a crack at reviewing other Albums, shows, books, etc. in a similar format.

So with that disclaimer about my POV out of the way, on with the show! The simplest way to tackle this album, it seemed, was with a track-by-track analysis, so I’ll just cut to the chase. If you want to follow along you can buy Remember here—this is an Affiliate link so I get about 3 cents from your purchase to defray the costs (essentially the domain name and a couple cups of tea on “blog post evening”) involved in bringing you Fandom Lenses.

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