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“I’m tired of remembering it that way”: Reviewing Saving Mr. Banks

Saving-Mr-BanksNot that anyone in the Entertainment Industry gives a fig what I think, but it’s a VERY good thing Saving Mr. Banks didn’t come out in December of 2011. Of course, Fandom Lenses wouldn’t and couldn’t have existed before The Year of Our WTF (and its two lovely encores). However, if it had I think I pretty much would have glared and shifted and grumbled and commented along the lines of this excoriation:

…What was presented as a joyless, loveless pedant finally giving herself over to the delight and imagination of the Wonderful World of Disney could just as easily been presented as a creative, passionate person, with dignity and real emotions, getting steamrolled by one of the most powerful companies in the world. Chim-chim-cheroo. —Saving Mr. Banks Left Out an Awful Lot About P.L. Travers


For the record, I do understand where this reviewer and others with similar takes are coming from. In fact, I walked into the film somewhat reluctantly, steeling myself against what I was almost certain would be two hours of character assassination. Instead, I spent the end credits in tears, guiltily texting my initial reaction to Fandom Lenses Facebook while the original tapes of Travers’ script meetings played in the background.

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