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Thanx For The Ride: Remembering Michael Nesmith, 1942-2021

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I’ve written so much about Michael Nesmith, the Monkee I am was most similar to, the one who intrigued and attracted and infuriated me the most for 36 years. However, even though I’ve had a hunch this was likely coming for about a week, Now that it’s here I find myself at a loss for words.

As is always the case in my post-2012 ongoing series of Monkees Synchronicities, Nez’s passing is happening at an interesting point in my personal life. I’m about a week out from making some physical changes that are in some ways a culmination of the road of personal growth I’ve been walking since 2012, when Davy died, then a friend died, and then Nez seemed to embark on a journey of self-acceptance and engagement with the world that mirrored my own. Our journeys sort of diverged in early 2019, if only because metaphors can only be carried so far.

Nez was a kind, imperfect, broken, sensitive genius (not unlike 3 other guys I could name, if in different ways and to different degrees). As a kid he helped me to laugh, and as a young adult he helped me learn how to write. He definitely taught me to grow, to the point that in recent years I sometimes felt as though I’d outgrown him a little as an influence. But I always wished him joy and peace on his path, even if it wasn’t one I would pick.

I’m still a bit numb as I write this, after an afternoon of keeping one eye on the tributes pouring in on the Zilch facebook group. I may come back and ramble for a few thousand words or something, but really, I’d rather just share my best memories of Nez over this weird decade that was so transformative for both of us,

But what you have seen you must believe…”(The Monkees, November 17, 2012)

“In Concert” with Michael Nesmith (Ferndale, MI 4/7/2013)

“Fading through the door into Summer…”: The Monkees in Tulsa

Fandom is a strange loop (Part 1): Michael Nesmith, Chicago, November 23, 2013

Fandom is a Strange Loop (Part 2): Michael Nesmith, Chicago, November 23, 2013

What is a Fan? Part 1: Nez (Monkees Convention Q&As)

“I have not sung this song”: Reviewing Infinite Tuesday by Michael Nesmith

As (S)he Finds Out There’s Been No One Keeping Score: The Monkees Present The Mike and Micky Show, Cleveland, OH, June 16, 2018
“I’ll just Mosey On”: Michael Nesmith and the First National Band Redux, Colonial Theater, Phoenixville, PA. September 22, 2018

We will Make the World Shine: The Monkees Present the Mike and Micky show, The Keswick Theater, Glenside, PA, March 6, 2019

Zilch #135: The Monkees in St Louis


Once again, Thanx for the ride.

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