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The Classic Doctor Who Viewing Project: Introduction

First DoctorSo…yeah. I mentioned on Facebook and Tumblr that I was going to launch The Fandom Lenses Classic Who Viewing project like three weeks ago. But, well, around the time I made that post, I discovered “Zilch! A Monkees Podcast”. I got lucky and tuned in right after they put out the first episode, and I was FLOORED. Continue reading


My New Fandoms

In the last month and a bit, the Universe has informed me in the clearest terms imaginable that I need more silly in my life, and that I can and should balance it with my generally awesome Real Life as a teacher/writer/scholar/administrator/ etc. Hence the reviving of my old Alter(?) ego “Camille”, and my presence on Tumblr and Fandomlenses. However, things have changed in my relationship with fandom–or at least Monkee fandom.

You see, the old cure for my geek girl blues, for 25 years, used to be Continue reading