Fandom Lenses

Life as viewed through silliness, Fandom as seen through Reality


“Just look over your shoulder, guess who’ll be standing by the toaster at the continental breakfast…” (Shoe Suede Blues, Bay City, MI, September 8, 2012)

It’s been a damn bizarre year, and this weekend upped the ante to another level. It didn’t dawn on me the day I was going to be in for when I was sitting at the hotel breakfast buffet Saturday morning and saw shoe suede blues wander in and make a beeline for the coffee, then sit down at the table next to us. No… it took Peter Tork wandering in 20 minutes later to grab a bowl of granola before I fully realized I had landed once again on Planet Bizarro.*

I could try to write a concert review, or a set list, or about every anal detail of the meet and greet, but all that stuff feels a bit too raw right now, and in any case I was a little too distracted to take notes. Let’s just say that it was one of the best shows I’ve been to in my life, and by far the most meaningful.  So I’m just going to rattle off some ambient feelings that are echoing through my noggin. Continue reading