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Reviewing Through Fandom Lenses: Remember

Hey y’all, I’ve been meaning to post this for the last couple weeks, but it got bumped by my Raj Rant and, well, real life. Better late than never, I suppose!

And before I get started on discussing Remember, the new album from by Micky Dolenz, a word about how I evaluate music in general. The first thing you need to know is that first and foremost I’m a writer. Not a terribly good writer, mind you, but a writer nonetheless. Therefore, most of my focus when reviewing an album like this is on the lyrics and delivery of same. I enjoy music, have reasonably diverse tastes, and am fairly well-educated for a non-musician. That said, the umpteen years of choir, 4 years of school band and 3 years of piano lessons notwithstanding, I am NOT a musician. My keyboard prodigy brother Daniel would probably have a completely different take on this album.This is just Camille’s take at this point in time, and if it goes well I may take a crack at reviewing other Albums, shows, books, etc. in a similar format.

So with that disclaimer about my POV out of the way, on with the show! The simplest way to tackle this album, it seemed, was with a track-by-track analysis, so I’ll just cut to the chase. If you want to follow along you can buy Remember here—this is an Affiliate link so I get about 3 cents from your purchase to defray the costs (essentially the domain name and a couple cups of tea on “blog post evening”) involved in bringing you Fandom Lenses.

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The Koothrappali Gambit

It’s interesting—you can time my Kubler-Ross 5 stages of grief (a model I only semi-agree with) to certain posts in this blog. In the early posts I was in denial about the emotional magnitude of losing Anissa to a certain extent, and in my geeky way fixated on how epistemologically profound it all was.  Then I got pushed into anger in August by the third biggest shock to my system this year.* I In general I’m not all that angry a person (I find it a waste of energy as a rule), so things shifted pretty rapidly toward what I realize now was bargaining. My lizard brain had become convinced that if I did everything “right” in Bay City, then it would Somehow All Be Okay and my life would be Back to (a somewhat sillier) Normal. Continue reading