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Kissing your posters goodnight: Robotic Seals, Paula Deen, and other Constructed Role Models.

FL Kissing Posters Goodnight CoverOk Folks, let’s set the wayback machine to a typical bedtime in suburban “Pleasant Valley”, Oklahoma circa early 1988.

The 11 year old fangirl who will be calling herself “Camille” in another decade or so has done her typical slapdash job on math homework while spinning More of the Monkees with a Tiffany chaser. She followed that up by devouring the latest Lurlene McDaniel  feel good novel about childhood terminal illness with the speed and reflective nuance of your average wood chipper.  Another day of 5th grade nerdiness and social isolation awaits her, and her Dad’s overdue for a seizure to boot. Before turning out the lights, the girl stands on her bed to reach the 36×24 orange poster that looms over the room, surrounded by other pinups and photos. Under her lips as she kisses four times, the poster feels both slippery from the coating and a little sticky from the dozens of good night kisses before that one. She turns out the light and as she drifts off, she once again wonders why, exactly, life is worth living. She mopes for a few minutes, and then she remembers. Whether on TV, in the songs they sang, or in what little she knows of their real lives, the guys on her wall never gave up, even when they screwed up or the whole world was against them. And somehow things had gotten much better for each of them. If they didn’t quit, then she couldn’t quit either. Holding on to that truth (or at least what she believes is the truth), she drifts off to sleep.

In that way, 24 hours at a time until the moment a year or so later when I abruptly outgrew both that dark space and (for almost 10 years) those 4 guys, I always decided not to quit. And somehow things got much better for me too. But here’s you’re a question to bake your noodle (if I didn’t still ponder it at times, would I be writing a pop culture blog?)—was it, as I believed at the time, really the Monkees (or any of my other early celebrity loves) who saved me from my depression, or was I motivated by four half-real (if even that) symbolic constructions that lived rent-free in my head? If the latter, didn’t I really just save myself?

…It depends.

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Dang it, I am putting something CHEERFUL about Davy Jones on this blog now.

As you might be able to understand, I need a bit of a fandom break after the craziness of the last week (I’ll be reachable by the usual means and reading sporadically in my usual places, just not posting much on Tumblr/Twitter). In any case, Last weekend I found this link somewhere (Monkeebootlegs, maybe?) I remember seeing a commercial for this episode of “Living in TVLand” TVLand back in ‘06 during a “dormant in the fandom” phase when I was wrapping up my Masters and enjoying my first year of financial stability since 2001.

Didn’t catch the ep, even for snarking purposes. After seeing it this evening, I wish I had. I suspect I might have made it more of a priority had it been about Micky, Peter or (yeah right) Nez.

Yes, it’s 20 minutes and 36 seconds of Utterly Contrived Rose-tinted Vintage Simplistic Sentimental High-Fructose Davy Jones Schmaltz.

After the last week I don’t care. Enjoy, folks.