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Dang it, I am putting something CHEERFUL about Davy Jones on this blog now.

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As you might be able to understand, I need a bit of a fandom break after the craziness of the last week (I’ll be reachable by the usual means and reading sporadically in my usual places, just not posting much on Tumblr/Twitter). In any case, Last weekend I found this link somewhere (Monkeebootlegs, maybe?) I remember seeing a commercial for this episode of “Living in TVLand” TVLand back in ‘06 during a “dormant in the fandom” phase when I was wrapping up my Masters and enjoying my first year of financial stability since 2001.

Didn’t catch the ep, even for snarking purposes. After seeing it this evening, I wish I had. I suspect I might have made it more of a priority had it been about Micky, Peter or (yeah right) Nez.

Yes, it’s 20 minutes and 36 seconds of Utterly Contrived Rose-tinted Vintage Simplistic Sentimental High-Fructose Davy Jones Schmaltz.

After the last week I don’t care. Enjoy, folks.

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