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Boston Marathon: How you can help

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peter giving bloodIf you live in the Boston area and want to help, wait for the authorities to get the situation under control, then pay attention to the news and/or follow this link. If you’re still looking for loved ones, follow this link. The best advice is to keep your friend’s phone line free so that they can call, text, or email you as soon as they can connect with the outside world. According to some sources the cell network in Boston is temporarily offline as a precaution against other remote detonations, so be patient and Don’t Panic (always good advice).

If you want to pitch in from outside Boston, Here’s the website to donate the American Red Cross. Alternately you can text REDCROSS to 90999 to add $10 to your next phone bill. Cash/Credit card donation to a reputable organization is usually the most effective way to help. Chip in a few bucks and/or a pint of blood, and reblog this on the social media platform of your choice. I want to see my Tumblr Dash and my twitter feed FULL of this and similar posts, people.

(And here I was intending to blog my husband’s and my IM convo about Justin Bieber and Anne Frank tonight…I think it’ll keep a day.)

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